Y Type Strainers

KOR “Y” & BUCKET Type Strainer are offered in a wide choice of size & material to meet all pipelines straining requirements. All are quality made to high standard and are guaranteed to be free from defects. In workman ship or Material Kor Strainer are Suitable for high Temperature and high pressure. The Design is compact and full flow, with large filtration area for low pressure drop and more Debris.

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BODY C.I. (IS 210 FG 200) C.S. (ASTM A 216 – A105) S.S. (CF8 / CF8M) & Alloy Steel
SCREEN Brass, S.S. (CF8 / CF8M) & Alloy Steel
MESH 40 to 200 Microns
GASKET S.S. 304/316 Spiral wound Metallic Gasket / Compressed Asbestos Fibre.
TYPE Flangend / Screwedend / Socketweld / Buttweld
CLASS 150 # To 900 #